Last year’s leftovers

I did not end up finishing the Doctor Who Scarf Sweater.

It’s okay. I’m not upset. I’m more upset by the fact that I need to add 6 cm. to the sleeve length and I didn’t figure that out until I was almost finished with the first sleeve. Here is where I groan.

I don’t mind having to make alterations. I anticipate it. Patterns are supposed to fit around the chest. Great. The Turtle is a long, lean child. I can’t use patterns as-written. At least, not in the book I’m using. Because the Turtle is quite tall, I have to add length to the patterns. I was unaware, however, that I would have to add so much length to the sleeves, in turn altering the row count for the increases.

At least it’s a small sleeve and ripping out my work wasn’t as excruciating as it could have been.

My goal is to have this sweater done by the third. I don’t think that’s unrealistic. Two sleeves, weaving ends, collar, buttons, seaming. Three days. Let’s go.

P.S. I found out that I’m using the wrong shade of green. I found the right shade in the magic bag of shame that held the blue-grey yarn.

But, let’s not dwell. Not today. Not on Rex Manning Day.


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