You have got to be FREAKING KIDDING ME!

As I pawed through my big box o’ homeless yarn, I stumbled upon the yarn I used to make Chris’ Doctor Who Scarf. And the chart I constructed to carry with me. And the blue-grey yarn that is also part of the pattern. The same blue-grey which is not in the Doctor Who Scarf Sweater I’m making for Victor.

This is the point where I hold up this magnificent bag like a rabbit and stare at it while breathing out slowly, viciously.

I have two options:

  1. Finish the top the way I was and use the blue-grey only in the sleeves.
  2. Integrate the blue-grey in the little bit I have remaining for the top and continue with the sleeves with my newly discovered color.

There is no hope for the back. I’ve already finished it and I have to get this thing done before Saturday. Plus, it’s the back and that’s not really the part that counts, is it?

Years of watching Project Runway and listening to Tim Gunn’s wisdom has assured me that I’ll “make it work.” But magic bags of hidden yarn combined with a fast-approaching deadline make me blow raspberries to the universe.


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