The Showdown: Embryo vs. Knitting

Knitting has become my best friend who I lost contact with when I went to college. I stare at my Ziploc bag and think about opening it up every night. Some nights, I actually do. But I haven’t gotten far. I’ve made one color change, one mistake, one change in direction and two do-overs.

The problem with being pregnant is that I don’t have time to knit anymore. Technically, I never have time to knit but usually I bring it with me everywhere and knit when I can. My favorite time to knit is when the kids are sleeping and Chris and I get some t.v. time. However, I can’t do that anymore. My free time is usually spent sleeping or trying not to feel sick. In other words, I eat all the time. First I feel sick, then I get hungry, then I get cold. A snack makes all of that go away. Also, I kind of hate eating, too. But that’s not the point.

The point is that I don’t have much time to knit. When I do find the perfect moment in time, I just want to sit because sometimes watching the motion of my fingers makes me sick. It hurts my eyes. I’d rather not get one of those anti-seasickness bracelets because I’m very close to the end of the sick portion so I’ll just tough it out. ANYHOW. KNITTING!


I’m making The Turtle a Doctor Who Scarf Sweater. To my right is Tom Baker who played The Doctor in the ’70s and this is his epic scarf. I made one such scarf for Chris and The Turtle fell in love with it. Now, I’m making (or at least trying to make him) a sweater with the same stripe pattern.

The scarf is knit in a garter stitch so it’s actually twice as long as it appears to be since the nature of the garter stitch is to bunch up. Like a garter.  My great and stupid ambition was to make the sweater in garter stitch. HA! Not happening. Instead, the edging will be garter and the rest will be reverse stockinette so the sweater will have the same effect as the scarf.

Wait. There’s more! The color change will be done using the garter for two rows so the front of my work will have an invisible color change and the back of my work will have the tell-tale loop color switch. Ha HA! Why? Because I enjoy clean lines way too much.

I want to get back to normal and I want to get back to knitting. I’ve been dedicated to my knitting for almost a decade and it saddens me to stop for any amount of time. I’ve given up so much so far: most forms of dairy, most forms of chicken, mustard, most forms of corn, salty foods, hot sauce. I REFUSE TO GIVE UP MY KNITTING!

Right now I’m living in the trial-and-error part of it all and I know it’ll get better. At least I have that. But I just want to get there already and get back to some kind of normal. I need to knit.


5 thoughts on “The Showdown: Embryo vs. Knitting

  1. The things I've given up are sad but may not be permanent. It's a slippery slope trying to find the right combination of food, right now.

    And, YES, Myriad. I am pregnant again.


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