Three times a Lady

I am an ambidextrous knitter. Early on (in my second year of serious knitting), I got annoyed by “turning” my work. My right hand always got tired and I had to stop knitting earlier than I would’ve liked. What’s the solution? Learn to knit with my left hand. Since then I’ve learned to knit Continental and English with both hands. There isn’t a knitter out there who can stump me.


This sometimes gets me in trouble, especially when reading patterns. Not only do I have to make proper adjustments for my gauge math-wise, but I also have to remember to reverse half of the directions. This is not a problem since I’m used to it. However, I kind of forgot to account for the ever-present “turning” part of the directions when casting off the neck… which I had to do three times.

First, I got the number of stitches wrong. Start again.
Second, I cast-off wrong. I bound-off knit-wise instead of purl. This wouldn’t be a problem for regular knitters because THEY TURN! Grrr. Could I just let it go and continue on knowing this blaring mistake just might drive me insane? No. Start again.
Third, PERFECTION! Or at least that’s what we’ll call it.

This leads me to the second shoulder seam which I did FOUR times.

I guess I was slightly out of my mind for sewing up the second shoulder before being fully committed to loving the neckline. And I must have been even battier for weaving the ends. each. time. Now, it should have only been three shoulder re-seams but brilliant me wasn’t paying too close attention that third time and sewed it inside out. I look at my beautiful work and see one seam in and one seam out. Shit. That’s where number four came in.

And this is when I wisely decided to walk away from my work for two days. Nobody could think that continuing would be a good idea after so many fuck-ups. Not even me.

My two day hiatus ends and I return to my work to finish up the shoulder edging. And walk away for a couple of days. Okay, four days. It’s not that I couldn’t do the work or that I was upset but I was overcome by an attack of the Sleepies. I usually take two times in the day to do my more serious knitting work: the boys’ nap time and bed time. But now I find myself pregnant and unable to shake off the Sleepies. It’s very hard to work when napping and running errands and after two little boys. So, no work.

Let me say that I set a goal to have the garment finished by last Monday the 15th. I met that goal–kind of. I had all the knitting done but not the finishing. Now, it’s Friday the 19th and I’m going to bi-monthly knit group. Hooray! I’ll get a few hours of completely alert, uninterrupted knitting so I can finish this damn sweater vest! My goal that night was to have it COMPLETELY DONE. And I did! Finishing, seaming, weaving, all of it. Let’s hear it for knit group!

I gifted it to Chris when I got home and it looks great. Because I love him, I didn’t make him pose in it with his sleep shirt underneath. We’ll just have to be happy with the floor model.

Up next: Turtle’s Doctor Who Scarf Sweater. It’s a lot less complicated than it sounds.


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