Nightmares in Black and White

After Halloween, El Torito made a bee line for the sheep hat. He looks darn cute in it especially with his curls sticking out the front. But, it’s too small for him. I asked him if he wanted me to make him an animal hat. He said, “No.” Of course, I knew he wanted a hat but he wasn’t going to tell me. I named all of his favorite animals and some ridiculous ones, too.
Dog? No.
Cat? No.
Elephant? No.
Cow? No.
Zebra? No.
Beaver? No.
Tiger? No.
Polar Bear? No.
Brown Bear? No.
Black Bear? No.
Pooh Bear? No.
I started naming animals just to see if he would eventually stop and say, “Yes.” I thought I was getting off the hook. Usually, if one gets something, the other has to get something equally as awesome.

Silly Mommy.

No. Later that day El Torito makes a request for a zebra hat. A zebra hat. A zebra hat? How the hell am I going to make a zebra hat? I really don’t want to try to figure out how to make a zebra hat. Hats are usually knit in the round and a zebra stripe CANNOT be achieved in the round. Oh! Not only does he want a zebra hat, but he wants it to be a hood like the Timmy hat I made for Logan. With ears. It just keeps getting better.

Unfortunately, I had already started Chris’ sweater vest and he was told he had to wait. This was almost two weeks ago. He has since stopped asking every day and I thought he would let it go so I could finish the vest and make him a Doctor Who sweater. Nope. Today, he reminded me about the hat. Damn. He’s got a mind like a steel trap. And he’s always willing to give a helpful reminder. Damn.

At least he picked an animal whose colors are in my stash. That’s something.


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