Half a Mangold vest

I finished the back half of Chris’ vest from Noro Family. I made a few revisions since I used a different yarn gauge which proves that math is important… even for hobbies. I almost didn’t start the project because I didn’t want to have to hurt my brain with properly incremented decreases and sizing but this is probably the easiest conversion I have had to make. Ever. One of these days I’ll actually pick up a pattern and use the according yarn gauge so I don’t go completely bonkers. Oh well.

I’m a week since starting the sweater vest and I’m kind of disappointed that I only got half done. It’s not a sweater so I don’t have to sew too much or make sleeves (oh, sleeves) but I was hoping to be started on the other half instead of finishing the last four centimeters of the first half. (And, yes, when knitting, I find metric to be my best friend. It’s more accurate.) Part of the problem is that I’m using metal needles. I’ve been using wood (bamboo or rosewood) needles which are much lighter than metal.

Why not use wood needles? Excellent question! Though I have four pairs of 5mm. dpns, three circular needles and a few more straight needles hanging around, the metal ones are the free pair I have. Even THOSE came from a to-be-frogged project.

I never thought switching back to metal would slow me down so much. It’s like being in a dream where I start running fast, then suddenly I’m up to my waist in water trying to run fast. I know I can be faster but I’m hindered by my circumstance. Alas, I will trudge through Mangold at this slightly annoying snail’s pace.


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