Like a shark, I die.

Sharks need to swim to live. A steady flow of oxygen runs through their gills when they swim. They can’t make their gills move like human lungs when we breathe so they swim around to filter their own oxygen. Keep the flow, stay alive. Of course, sometimes they sleep but not for long and not deeply. This isn’t anything you can’t learn from Shark Week.

Much like a shark, I need to keep my fingers moving or else I die. On the inside.

After feverishly working to complete the Timmy hood on Halloween, you’d think I’d want to take a rest for a day or two before starting a new project. WRONG. Immediately on Nov. 1, I was already plotting and starting my next project. In fact, I was working on Turtle’s blanket the evening of Halloween, after the kids went to bed.

I know it sounds a little nuts to keep knitting (almost obsessively) but it’s just how I do. If I have a big project (like Turtle’s blanket or the Evil Blanket) I’ll work on it AND another smaller project in case I get bored or frustrated. Knitting is part of my creativity and also part of my sanity. It helps relieve my stress–and with two young kids, I’m always just a bit stressed. It’s better than a cocktail because I can’t drink at 9 a.m. when I’ve been up for four hours and the kids are having a meltdown. I can, however, knit.

My knitting is handmade, homemade beauty. I take care to make sure it is just right (which is why I spent three years on a hat, having made it three or four times over). I don’t keep a lot of the stuff I knit. Sometimes, I do. But, I’ve made more projects to send away than I have to keep. I suppose I’d rather have my art put out in the world for others to see and admire than I would have stay at home to keep forever. I think I only knit myself three scarves and everything else has been for others.

Here’s a fact: the first sweater I ever made was for a friend. I haven’t made one for myself or my husband yet. The arms ended up being too long and he’s not very happy with it but I’ll knit him another sweater and he’ll like it, dammit. I even offered to take the sweater apart so I could fix it. He refused. This irks me to no end, which is why (after my laundry list of things to knit) he’s going to get ANOTHER sweater. He doesn’t know this and I’d rather keep it this way. It’s much nicer to get a surprise present than wait for one forever.

I’m still not knitting my husband a sweater. I’m knitting a SWEATER VEST! He prefers sweater vests and it’s much more practical for our climate. Eventually, I’ll make him a sweater but this will just have to do for now, pig.


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