A Sheep in Practice

Halloween went well except that I took a day off to sleep so I was rushing to finish Timmy’s head in time for trick-or-treating. C’est la vie.

Here is one of two ears. Not my first choice of construction but I had to make it easier (yet at the same time much harder) to put together since I was working against time.

Fold the “bra” in half and magically, it’s an ear!
A WORD OF CAUTION: black is blinding. I went cross-eyed a couple of times trying to hold this up the the light and sew up the sides. I ended up in the bathroom under a skylight so I could see.

So here is Timmy the Sheep hanging out with a bunch of goats for Halloween. His brother went as a goat so, naturally, we went to see goats. Because goats and sheep hang out together. Everyone knows that.


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