cast-on/pick up edge on inside of garment

I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish the whole thing and I knew I needed to switch yarn so I decided to knit the top half of the Timmy suit and use as much of the Mission Falls 1824 wool  as I could. I finished everything including the button tab at the right shoulder and the single rib around the collar and arm holes. Then I turned the work upside-down, picked up stitches along the bottom and used the rest of the Mission falls yarn and continued, using Cascade 220 wool

Please notice that the re-cast edge doesn’t have nearly as large a ridge as usual.  When I started the work, I used the single cast-on method and immediately started my bubble row. When I turned it upside-down, my pick-up edge was a bit loose but that was tightened up once I finished my second round. Plus, starting the bubbles immediately meant I had two rounds to get my tension right and tighten things up nicely. The first row was the picked up edge and the second round re-established my pattern.

At this point, the suit looks like something AC Slater would wear.

This is now a top down project.

Since I don’t have a pattern, I’m making it up as I go. I don’t have any exact measurements yet but if I’m brave, I’ll write a pattern and let someone else knit this ridiculous toddler costume. I usually hold my work up to Logues and eye-ball it or whip out my trusty tape measure (when I can find it). Luckily, the individual stitches work fabulously as measure markers.

Front of Timmy costume

I’m almost finished with the body part. I have to finish the front, make the single rib edging around the legs and the button tab. Then I’ll have to make the hood with ears and Timmy will be ready for his Halloween debut.

And if you’re looking at this picture and wondering if your screen is a little funky because there seem to be two colors to the suit, don’t worry! There are. That is the great divide between the Cascade 220 on bottom and the Mission Falls 1824 up top.


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