The Chronicles of Yarnia

I have a bit of a yarn problem and it comes in the shape of an extra-large moving box. Two years ago we moved from an apartment into our lovely home. We did the best we could do with our space and time but there were still boxes. Here enters the behemoth I call the Box of Despair. It is (over) full of yarn and at the bottom is the most gigantic knot I’ve ever had to untangle.
Anyone who has had to pack their own stuff knows that the first portion of packing your worldly possessions goes great: book boxes are clearly labeled and meticulously placed in there to utilize maximum space. Then around the fifth day of packing the kitchen (when all the easy stuff is boxed) you realize there is a whole lot of stuff you haven’t touched and the movers are coming in two days. This is when Packing Panic sets in and “everything else” gets shoved in a box and labeled “MISC.” which is how I ended up with the Box of Despair.
For some reason, I decided today was going to be the day I would tackle the Box of Despair and of course it was right at the end of nap time. The yarn seen out of the box is just the stuff that fell off the top. Seriously, there is yarn all up in that box there.
Also in the box are stitch swatches, ill-fitting projects, assorted knitting needles, lost yarn labels and bags used to separate the yarn by weight. I apparently never threw away a receipt, either.  
My aim is to get all of this stuff sorted out by fiber content and weight.  In the process I will also be pulling out the “good yarn” and keeping it in my beautiful clear-topped under-bed storage containers with cedar inserts. See, the good yarn is the natural stuff that moths love to eat and I just can’t have any of that. No, no. 
I’m not sure what the future of the other yarn will be but I’m pretty sure it’ll all stay in the Box of Despair (perhaps I should come up with a different name). But the Grand Master Plan (and the main reason for doing this year-long project) is to keep my stash contained to the six under-bed storage containers I already have. Currently, five are filled and my sixth is missing. I think that behemoth knot ate it.

I am half-way through the lamb costume. I’ve used up nearly all of my Mission Falls yarn and I will be finishing the bottom half with Cascade 220 wool which is a bit more dull and from an entirely different sheep. Bright side: it’s the same gauge.

I added a button flap on the UNDERside of the left shoulder so I could keep the bubbles as unobstructed as possible.  All I have to do now is figure out how to do the butt. Fun times.


2 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Yarnia

  1. I have a Box Of Despair full of fabric/scraps/ and things that could become nice projects (flannel bed sheets, wool sweaters, etc). Look at the POSITIVE side of the BOD. Remember Uncle Scrooge and his silo of gold coins he would swim in?? 'Nuff Said.


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