Halloween Costume

Homemade Halloween costumes have been a tradition in my family as long as I can remember. My mom has made me and my sisters all sorts of costumes from the fairies from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty to bloody shirts depicting a slit throat. She even made a Rainbow Bright costume complete with wig, boots, and everything.  When our costumes weren’t physically sewn they were scavenged from items around the house. Of course sometimes we would buy a costume but my favorite memories were of the homemade ones.

Naturally, I am passing this crazy homemade costume ambition on to my kids. My mom has been gracious enough to make costumes for my oldest son since he was able to walk. He’s been Muno from Yo, Gabba Gabba! and a turtle (his nickname). This year he’s going as a goat. I don’t ask, I just go with it.

Unfortunately, my youngest is not as big as his brother was at this age so Muno will remain in the dress-up bin a little while longer.  This leaves me in a bit of a pickle since Halloween is less than three weeks away. But I had a stroke of genius last night.  There’s this new show on the Disney channel called Timmy Time. Timmy is a little sheep from Shaun the Sheep who was granted his own show about going to school. It’s rather cute and makes my kids laugh. Timmy is a baby sheep and since Logues is still kind of a baby (at least in Turtle’s eyes) it would be perfect–and easy.  All I have to do is make a hat with ears and a wooly kind of onesie to simulate fleece.  The arms and legs are black and we already have black leggings and a long sleeved shirt.  HA!  I just might win.

Here is a template for the body:

I’ve already taken measurements and I started on it today. So far I’ve gotten through one skein.

I have two skeins and change left but I have some leftover Cascade 220 wool that might make up the difference.  The yarn I’m using right now is Mission Falls 1824 wool I bought in Boston years ago when I was in college.  Originally, it was for a bonnet but my winter clothing needs have changed since then. I still look at the yarn and see the hat-that-never-was. But, I figured Logues is small and I can have a “make it work moment.”

Once I got past the first row of bobble balls it became increasingly easy.  The only drawback is that I sometimes forget where my hands are placed and I now have very little feeling in the finger pad of my right ring finger.  It’s all in the name of art, right?


3 thoughts on “Halloween Costume

  1. haha, this just must be a last minute type of Halloween year! I'm behind too! But I think a goat is an AWESOME costume. I love goats!! You best take pics, I want to see that one!!


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