When there’s no Debbie Bliss Clinic.

I’ve been knitting steadily for nine years. I find it to be a great stress reliever and I like building things. For me, knitting is like making a puzzle from the ground up. I get excited thinking about fiber, drape, color, the texture of yarn. When I see a yarn I immediately imagine what it would look like cabled or seed stitched or as a sweater opposed to a scarf/glove combo. Some yarns are “too yummy” to resist despite its clash with my skin tone. It doesn’t matter. I’ll find some use for it. I must have it.

This is how I became a yarn junkie.

Years of buying for projects and pretty have brought me here: sitting on about 30 cu. ft. worth of yarn. That’s two extra-large moving boxes and a book box. Essentially, my refrigerator takes up the same amount of space as my yarn stash.

I’m a little proud but mostly astonished at how much yarn I have. How can I go out and buy yarn for a new project when I have all this stuff at home? What if I suited the project to the yarn instead of the other way around?

I gave this idea a test-run with a kimono-style baby sweater for a dear friend’s baby shower. It was small and not too difficult and Hot Pink and Kelly Green go together, right? It worked out well.

Then a few things happened:

  1. I had a yarn exchange and ended up with A LOAD of yarn.
  2. I went on a pattern book binge.
  3. I was recently asked to make a few baby items by a photographer friend.

Let me address these points:

  1. I’ve had a yarn swap before and I was aware of how much leftover yarn I would have. I just forgot to add that ON TOP of the large stash I already possess. 
  2. Needing new inspiration for what I had newly acquired, I bought seven new pattern books. There was bound to be something in one of them to suit my needs.
  3. I offered my knitting services to my friend who recently moved to North Dakota. She just happened to start a photography business and asked me to knit some stuff to use for baby portraits.

She asked for some newborn hats and a blanket if it was possible.  I wracked my brain trying to figure out if I had enough of one yarn to make the blanket IN ADDITION TO the right yarns to compliment both sexes and gender neutrality. Naturally, I would have to make options. I ended up with three hats in yellow, pink, and blue respectively.

The hats were a piece of cake but the blanket was difficult. I knew I wanted a cable and rib design but I needed the yarn to be chunky so it would knit quickly but I also needed it to compliment the hats. Luckily, I had some BEAUTIFUL baby alpaca yarn in this sort of wild rabbit/coyote color–we’ll call it feral brown. It knit quickly and looked great despite a set-back or two.

Fixing a wrong twisted cable

Hooray! I can make clothes out of the yarn I have! They’re not just a bunch of random hanks and skeins laying about in a heap. Well, they are but that’s not the point. I challenged myself and made five different items using yarn I have in my stash.

I will further challenge myself to use nothing but the yarn I currently have in my stash for one year.

  • Buy no yarn.
  • Trade for materials when necessary (including notions)
  • At least one finished piece per month
  • Must complete one item of clothing for each member of my household including the dog.
  • Must complete Victor’s blanket and THE EVIL BLANKET.
A Brief EVIL BLANKET History

   I started this blanket in the summer of ’05. Do I need to continue? It’s four panels of one tree in the four seasons. It’s big enough to fit a queen bed–half a queen bed. I flew through the first half of the blanket because there was no pattern. The tree was completely free form. When it came time to repeat the tree pattern I stopped and charted it all. That chart still exists in a box somewhere but I’ve given up on it. Three moves, two kids and five years later, it’s still live on the needles. I hate that blanket but i can’t bear the thought of giving it to someone else.

So my challenge begins.

2 thoughts on “When there’s no Debbie Bliss Clinic.

  1. Good luck with your resolutions! I have no where near as much yarn as you (nor do I knit as much or as good) but I'm not allowed to buy anymore yarn until I use up some of my stash too 🙂


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